What is PinClash?

A free-to-enter remote, single elimination head-to-head pinball tournament for pinball streamers

Presented by IE Pinball

When: December 5, 2020 at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific on IE Pinball.

Format: Two competitors battle heads-up on the same title from separate locations over a total of 3 matches. Each player will receive a point value based upon their performance in each match. The player with the higher point value at the end of the round advances. The player with the lower point total is eliminated.

Capacity: 24 participants, selected via a qualification period on best Escape Nublar times.

Prizes: 1st Place - $1,000
Top Qualifier/Best Escape Nublar Time - $100
Any additional prizes TBD depending upon sponsorships/donations.
If you are interested in sponsoring PinClash please send an email to iepinball@gmail.com.

Machine Selection: Stern Pinball's Jurassic Park

Random Name


Applications for the tournament have closed

All PinClash applicants have from Friday, October 23 to Sunday, November 15 at 9pm Pacific to submit their best Competition Escape Nublar times for qualification and seeding into the tournament. The top 24 times will qualify for the tournament and will determine seeding with the top 8 times receiving a bye.

The top qualifier / fastest Escape Nublar time will recieve a $100 cash prize!

Competition Escape Nublar Challenge Qualification Standings
Position Name Escape Nublar Time Twitch Channel
N/AJames Adamstheukpinballclub
N/AJared Augustjackpotjared
N/AAdam BeckerPressStartArcade
N/AJake Bondarjbondar
N/AKevin BowmanPinballology
N/ARobert ByersTopRopePinball
N/ACarter or Mike Casselman (TBD)Pinballers
N/ABryan CaudillOakCityPinball
N/AJose Chong or Stephanie Traub (TBD)OneiPodOnePinball
N/ARaymond Davidsonraydaypinball
N/ACarlos DeLaSerdalaser_los
N/AJessica DeNardosoftplungepinball
N/AGeorge Fisherdontpanicflip
N/AZachary Freyzacaj
N/AChris GraceMotorcitypinball
N/ATom GrafFoxcitiespinball
N/APhil Grimaldispacecitypinball
N/ARebecca Hinsdale or Anna Neal (TBD)hotnudge
N/ABen JNbenjnathan
N/AEscher Lefkoffsteveopub
N/ATommy Lorangerthepinballchannel
N/ANeil McRaeNeilMcRae
N/ARodney MinchRLMAmusements
N/AChristopher MorganTiki_Tilt
N/AShane NazariAyce_Gogi
N/ABrian O'Neillbrianoneill
N/AMichael PaleroTouchedByPalero
N/ADerek priceSdpinball
N/ATaylor ReeseRichmondpinball
N/AMatthew Richardsonmjr8peanutt
N/AFrederick Richardsonkennebunk5
N/AMartin RobbinsMelbourneSilverball
N/ALinsey Rogerswhattheflip
N/AAndy RosaAr_gaming
N/AMatt Rowbottommatt_rowbottom
N/AJoe SaidPinballjoe
N/ATommy Skinnerthisflippinpodcast
N/ACryss StephensPlaybetterpinball
N/AKeri Wingpinbot08
N/AZac WollonsZRW_ZAC

Tournament Information and Rules

Stream Permissions: For the duration of the tournament, participants will be required to stream directly to their Twitch channel and give IE Pinball full permission to capture all video and audio from their stream for use on the IE Pinball Twitch Channel during the tournament. All participants will be provided a scene layout to use within their streaming software during the tournament. Channel logos and any additional materials should be placed only in the designated areas on the provided layout. Stream notifications must be disabled.

A stream guide will be made available to participants describing desired stream setups including camera placement, camera settings, playfield stream placement, and any other additional information necessary.

Challenges: All challenges will be pre-determined by the PinClash officials. All challenges will have individualized scoring tables based on the difficulty of the challenge. For example, if Stern Pinball's Jurassic Park were to be selected, two of the challenges and associated scoring could be as shown in the table below.

Challenges will be announced no less than 2 weeks prior to the tournament.

Scoring Samples for Stern's Jurassic Park
Challenge Time to Completion Points Awarded
Start CHAOS Multiball Under 1:00
5:00+ or Incomplete
Collect 6 Rescues Under 1:30
5:00+ or Incomplete

Rules: Participants agree to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by PinClash officials. Participants with improper machine setups as set forth by PinClash officials may be disqualified and/or removed from the tournament at any time.

PinClash officials will undergo a stream quality review for each application. Applicants requiring stream quality adjustments as determined by PinClash officials will be contacted with details. Applications may be denied if requested adjustments are unable to be made.

Due to the nature of the format, only 1 participant may compete per location/household.

Machines will be set to 5 ball play. Ball saves, where applicable, are to be disabled. In-progress games may NOT be restarted. A complete set of software settings will be provided to each participant prior to the tournament. Failure to comply with the software settings given may result in immediate removal from the tournament.

Timers will be displayed on-stream for each participant controlled by PinClash officials. In the case of an on-screen timer error (false start, late stop, or any other unforeseen issue) PinClash judges will have off-stream timers to be used as backups. Time rulings and points awarded by PinClash judges are final.

In the event of a disconnection while a match is in session, the participant with the disconnection will forfeit the current challenge and receive a 0 for the match. A disconnection is defined as a loss of network connection from the participant to Twitch for more than 30 seconds. The participant will have no more than 5 minutes to re-establish their connection to continue any future matches. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit from the round, eliminating them from the tournament. Connection issues lasting less than 30 seconds where challenges are completed within that timeframe will have their results determined by PinClash officials.

Challenges will be randomly selected by PinClash officials from the list of available challenges.

In the event of a stuck ball, participants are to immediately stop play and place both arms over the glass in full view. This will signal PinClash officials to pause their timer while the stuck ball is freed. As coindoor ball saver will be active, all balls in play should be drained. PinClash officials will resume the timer upon the autolaunch of the first ball returned to play.

In the event of a tie, participants will enter a sudden death round. During sudden death, the first player to reach a target score value will be determined as the winner for the round.

Qualification and seeding for the tournament will be determined by a streamed 3-week Competition Escape Nublar Challenge. All PinClash applicants have from Friday, October 23 to Sunday, November 15 at 9pm Pacific to submit their best Competition Escape Nublar times for qualification and seeding into the tournament. The top 24 times will qualify for the tournament and will determine seeding with the top 8 times receiving a bye.

These rules are preliminary and subject to change until this line is removed.



Email: iepinball@gmail.com

Contact us with any questions you may have regarding the tournament.

Sponsorship opportunities available for interested parties.